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When most people said their life has been a whirlwind lately they did not mean it literally. For Tora Olafsdotter however that was just implicitly the case. She'd been bandied back and forth in a death that was not her time, sent to hell for apparently short term keeping, her freedom won by her friends and then, due to an excess of love on Bea's part, sent off to Valhalla.
That alone would make mere mortals head spin, but Tora had taken it in stride, being dead of course helped. She spent her time in the halls of Asgard and came to be as adored there as she had been on Earth. Her gentle kindness that belied strength, her giving nature, her willingness to help others without them even asking had garnered her such favor that it was deemed she deserved the chance at the life which had been so cruelly stolen from her.

Odin, and all father gifted her this one thing, return to the flesh. So she had been found a fragile looking nude body adrift in the snows of Norway. No national hero is so quickly forgotten and her return was heralded to the Justice League, veterans familiar with her trekked to see if this was indeed the once demigoddess turned heroine. After tests and interviews there could be no question Tora had returned, and was warmly embraced.

Her return was not so easy for the maiden of ice though, her mind adjusted slowly and then only with the help of friends. Many had come to see her or she had tagged along with others. Particularly interesting was today's venture with Ralph Dibny. He had always been a kind hearted man with a sense of humor less ...worrisome than that of Booster and Beetle. Tora looked forward to spending some time with him. Only hoping her own death would not put him off the chat.

She had just set about making herself a cup of tea when she heard the arrival. Smile brightening her face like sun glinting off a snowbank. She all but ran to the door, opening it to greet an old friend. "Ralph!" As with everyone she'd seen of late, regardless of how close they had been previously, he was recipient of a tight and heartfelt hug. She was just about sweet enough to cause cavities. "Wont you come in?" She released him and took a step back to invite him inside.


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